CPR/FA Training

5 fears                                   Heart Attack and Stroke     
Adult, Child, Infant CPR           Adult, Child, Infant AED          
Choking Training                     Adult, Child, Infant Choking (Conscious)
 Cardiac Arrest Training           Adult, Child, Infant Choking (Unconscious)
Bleeding Control                      Shock Control Ongoing Assessment for Injury and Illness    

Heat and Cold Emergencies      Child Proofing the Home
Poison Control                         Pool Safety
Child Abuse and Neglect           Bloodborne Pathogens

Hands-Only CPR

ProFirstAid - Adult, Child, and Infant CPR/AED & First Aid


Number of training hours: 3 Hrs                 Cost: $65

ProFirstAid is a CPR (adult, child, and infant) and First aid 2-year certification For the Lay rescure.  Individuals are ProFirstAid's class is nationally accredited and follows the latest American Heart Association, ECC/ILCOR guidelines.

Occupations that need ProFirstAid

Daycare providers     Elementary/Middle School Teachers      Elementary/Middle School Coaches
Foster parents           Nannies / Babysitters                             Bus Drivers
Tour Guides

Others who require Pediatric CPR (adult, child, and infant) and First Aid to meet OSHA requirements