5 fears                                             Heart Attack and Stroke          Adult CPR Team Approach   

Cardiac Arrest Training                       Stroke                                  Adult, Child, Infant, Neonatal CPR
Hands-Only CPR                                Heart Attacks                        Adult, Child, Infant Choking (Conscious & Unconscious) 

Adult, Child, Infant AED                     Choking Training                    Hand Only CPR
Respiratory Arrest Training                  Adult, Child, Infant Rescue Breathing
Adult Bag Valve Mask                         Two Rescuer Skills Training      Adult, Child, Infant 2 Rescuer CPR

ProCPR- Healthcare Provider Adult / Child / Infant



Number of training hours: 4.5 Hrs                 Cost: $60

ProCPR  is the (BLS) CPR Only (adult, child, and infant) certification for the healthcare provider.

What Occupations should use ProCPR?

Physicians          Physician Assistants     Nurse Practitioners       Nurses         
Paramedics        Firefighters                    Lifeguards                     Physical Therapists
Respiratory Therapists                            X-Ray Technologists      Pharmacists
Dentists             EMTs                              Personal Trainers

Other Health Care Professionals


CPR/FA Training